We hope you don’t need it, but if you do, Laminil is available now in the US, Canada, Australia, and Dubai.

Who is Willowcroft Pharm?

Willowcroft Pharm Incorporated is a privately-held equine pharmaceutical company that develops innovative and effective treatments for horses. Our initial product, Laminil, is the first effective treatment for laminitis, which is the second leading cause of death in horses. Our next products will be similarly innovative and effective in treating common equine ailments.

The President, John Kelly, is an eventer with a Ph.D. who has written books and articles on topics ranging from whales to radioactive waste.  After five years as a university professor, Dr. Kelly founded a consulting firm that specialized in managing nuclear materials worldwide.  He ran the firm for 25 years, and now focuses on riding horses and competing in three-day eventing.  Over the past decade, Dr. Kelly has participated in several pharmaceutical start-ups as an advisor and investor.

In May 2016, at the request of his old fox-hunting friend, Charlie Owen, and with the enticement of saving horses, Dr. Kelly agreed to take the reins of Willowcroft Pharm and bring Laminil to market, which occurred in December 2016. Now, Dr. Kelly is building an international network of compounding pharmacies to make Laminil available worldwide and preparing Willowcroft Pharm’s next innovative treatment for market.

Willowcroft Directors include Charles Owen and Robert Stevenson, who are farriers with over 40 years of combined experience treating horses with laminitis. Charlie Owen dedicated nearly half his life to finding an effective treatment for laminitis; his story is told in the Who Invented Laminil section. Robert Stevenson is a master farrier from Queensland, Australia, an expert in equine podiatry, and the inventor of Equimold; his story is told in the Equimold section.

Many have contributed time, resources, and expertise to the development of Laminil. University faculty and staff helped Charlie go from test tubes to clinical trials and field studies in developing, testing, and confirming his theory of the laminitis cascade. Friends contributed resources and volunteered their horses in testing the product in development stages. Attorneys helped Charlie secure patents. Our webmaster, who cares for laminitic horses, has contributed countless hours to the Laminil.us website. Our compounding pharmacy partner has formulated Laminil products throughout the development process. Last and more important, hundreds of horses and their owners and veterinarians have participated in field studies, fortunately, with major benefit to the horses and no toxic effects. Now, the challenging work of marketing Laminil and the exciting work of saving horses begins.


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