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Julie Weir, Eventer and Fox Hunter, on Much Better Hoof Growth

March 5, 2017

I had a bad experience with a farrier that trimmed my horse’s front feet too short and made him very sore, and I could not ride him for two months. For several months he still was not growing much hoof, and the nail holes were too close together and weakening the hoof. Also, the new farrier did not even trim any hoof, only lightly rasped the hoof.

When I heard that the Laminil cream could help with hoof growth, I started applying it on the coronary band daily and saw much better hoof growth by the second shoeing. My farrier’s comment at the second shoeing was that my horse’s feet had more growth than he expected and this time he actually had to use the nippers for the first time to trim off some hoof.

I am convinced that my horse developed sub-acute, chronic inflammation in his front feet from when he was trimmed too short, and the inflammation slowed down his hoof growth. Once the Laminil was applied, the inflammation went away and this enabled him to nicely grow hoof again! My horse is moving better and more comfortably than he did before I used the Laminil cream! I would highly recommend using the Laminil cream for horses that do not grow enough hoof fast enough.

Julie Weir (Middleburg, VA) 
(Eventer and fox hunter)