We hope you don’t need it, but if you do, Laminil is available now in the US, Canada, Australia, and Dubai.

Will Laminil Help My Horse with Laminitis?

Laminil Perfusion can help a horse with acute or chronic laminitis if, and only if, the stressor that initiated the laminitis has been identified and removed from the horse where possible.

Early diagnosis and treatment can hasten recovery. In most cases, obvious signs of improvement appear 3 days after Laminil Perfusion. With continuing care and appropriate podiatry, improvement on the Obel scale should be apparent 7 days after treatment. Failure to improve after 14 days would warrant re-examination and possibly another Laminil Perfusion.

Laminil Transdermal should be applied daily around the coronary band, heel and bulb as part of continuing care after a Perfusion. Laminil Transdermal also can be used as a prophylactic for horses prone to laminitis. However, Laminil Transdermal alone is not recommended for acute or chronic laminitis, which warrants the immediacy of a Laminil Perfusion unless that is not available for some reason.

Many farriers say that laminitis should be the first suspect when a horse has sore and ouchy feet with heat, pulse, and sensitivity. Until now, there has been no treatment for these early signs of laminitis. Laminil Transdermal promises to fill this painful gap in the arsenal of hoof care treatments.

Laminil Transdermal can stop the chronic inflammation that retards growth. Daily application around the coronary band, heel and bulb should show results in 20-30 days (one jar). Laminil Transdermal can help horses with thin-walled, thin-soled hooves, grow strong and healthy feet.