We hope you don’t need it, but if you do, Laminil is available now in the US, Canada, Australia, and Dubai.

What is Laminil?

Laminil© is a new anti-inflammatory treatment that stops laminitis and is available now by prescription only from a Veterinarian. Laminil is a comprehensive treatment with three components:

  • Laminil IV Perfusion is an injectable solution for treating acute and chronic laminitis and is administered by limb perfusion.
  • Laminil Transdermal is a topical treatment for early symptoms of laminitis, chronic inflammation, and retarded hoof growth. Laminil cream is part of continued treatment after the perfusion.
  • Laminil Podiatry uses the Equimold© system to make a custom-fitted shoe that stabilizes the hoof capsule and supports the sole.

Laminil© is protected by U.S. Patent 9132116 and EU Patent 09844195.9 (pending).