We hope you don’t need it, but if you do, Laminil is available now in the US, Canada, Australia, and Dubai.

Video of Pal the palomino, plus emotional words from his owner

June 21, 2013


Pal’s before video from May 16, 2013:


Pal’s after video from June 20, 2013:


Below is the update that Pal’s owner posted on “Pal’s Page” on Facebook on June 20, 2013:


“Here is the video that I told you I would be posting. This is one of about six videos we shot today and they all show the same thing … success!

The way things started back in October of last year, I would have never thought we would come this far once again. If not for a simple message from a friend and fan of Double R Stables Kentucky, we would not have made it. Thank you Becky Roberts for telling us about this drug trial! Becky is a fan from Minnesota and messaged me about a drug trial involving a new drug to combat laminitis called Laminil.

Thank you to Charles Owen for admitting Pal into the trial and giving us some super advice. Thanks to our equine vet, who was willing to do something way out there in a last ditch attempt to save this horse. Thanks to all of you for the constant positivity you exhibit on this page, encouraging us at every step along this journey. Most of all thanks to Pal for all the lessons he has taught us these past seven years. He taught us to keep moving forward with our eye on success, to never give up and to maintain a sense of humor on even the worse days. And, thanks to the spiritual powers of this world we live in that make miracles like this possible.

Folks, if this treatment gets FDA approval, it will change founder and laminitis, insulin resistance and other metabolic issues from death sentences to a treatable malady, much like strains, tears and sprains. The improvement we have witnessed is nothing short of miraculous.

As you can see, Pal is moving extremely well for a horse that was at the point of not being able to walk a little over one month ago, a horse that we briefly considered ending the tremendous pain and discomfort he was experiencing. I do mean the thought was brief because we could see in his eye the will he had to go on. When I called Charlie the first time, I told him we were at the end with no where else to go. We had tried everything out there and many of them several times. His words to me were, ‘No problem, we can admit your horse into the trial, and don’t worry, he is going to be fine.’ Those words turned out to be prophetic, watch the video and witness an unbelievable transformation.”