We hope you don’t need it, but if you do, Laminil is available now in the US, Canada, Australia, and Dubai.


Oscar’s Story of Laminitis and Treatment with Laminil

Watch the video to see Oscar’s progress from a very sore pony unwilling to move to a fireball ready to get back to work.

Laminil saves jumper that developed into grade 4 sinker

This 10-year-old Oldenburg grand prix show jumper developed laminitis in October 2013 from stress and heat and failed to improve. The horse deteriorated to an OBEL grade 4 sinker.

Before and after video of laminitis case following joint injections

This horse developed laminitis in June 2013 after receiving joint injections. The post-treatment video was taken four days after treatment with Laminil.

Before and after video of weight-bearing case of laminitis

This horse developed a case of weight-bearing laminitis in September 2013. The post-treatment video was taken four weeks after treatment with Laminil.

Video of Pal the palomino, plus emotional words from his owner

“Folks, if this treatment gets FDA approval, it will change founder and laminitis, insulin resistance and other metabolic issues from death sentences to a treatable malady, much like strains, tears and sprains. The improvement we have witnessed is nothing short of miraculous.”

Laminil case study from May 2013

This gray horse had an acute case of laminitis in May 2013 and was treated with Laminil. Here is new video from August 2013 of the horse trotting soundly and showing off his slimmer figure.

Before and after video, 2011

This dark dun quarter horse had grade 4 laminitis, the most painful grade, in August 2011. It was treated with Laminil by a licensed vet and was sound three days later. Watch the before and after video.